I’m in Love with My Bartender…

Ok, I am not really in love with my favorite bartenders, but I know someone that is. I know because I have talked to this person and have witnessed the embarassing gift giving.  Ok, maybe she isn’t in love but she has feelings.  I do love my bartenders that I have formed friendly relationships with and now I understand what T-Pain was talking about over 10 years ago.  As you know, the first goal when I moved here was to find a comfortable and chill bar that we could watch the Colts’ games on.  Some weeks we are there more days than others, but we at least show our face one day a week.

Anyway, the point of this post.  I thought it was crazy how girls get with their feelings of these bartenders.  They get territorial, catty, and some really are in love with them.  Then I sat back and really thought about it, and I kind of get it.  Bartending is a service business where conversation makes you money.  Bartenders are just like hair dressers and bank tellers, where people feel comfortable spilling their thoughts.  Plus, they are handing you what you need most after a long day or long week…booze.  Even if you visit these bars one day a week, chances are, if you are like us, you spend a few hours at a time sitting at that bar.  You chat, clown on people, and in your mind, you are forming a genuine relationship.  This could be the most time you spend with someone else during the work week.  Just remember that they are doing this with most people.  Yes, you would like to think that you are special because you think you are great and who wouldn’t want to be your best friend, but that is most likely not the case.

T-Pain, Bartender

This post is great in many ways.  For one, I am literally drinking and blogging.  I mean, what is the point of this blog if we don’t?  Also, it is Sunday Funday, so we are saying hi to all of our favorite bartenders as you read this.  Hi Steph.  Hi Bird.  Hi Max.  Hi Taco.  If you take anything away from this post, I applaud the people that take things into their own hands and make moves on what they want.  I need to be more like that.  What do we have to lose?  Oh the dreadful fear of rejection.  I mean if we are at a bar, chances are that neither party is going to remember any of it and if they do, so what…especially if these bartenders did their job.  So I am going to make the move on that bartender…just kidding.  You have to do more than serve me a drink, hence why I am single.  Make sure those feelings are reciprocated before you continue to embarrass yourself.  I kind of want to see what you do next though.

I am rambling and it is time to witness some more bar antics.

Love life,


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My Current Beauty Obsessions: February edition

I am a lazy creature of habit which means I make most of my purchases  based on loyalty or price. Once I find a product that I like that does what I need it to do I will stick to it for as long as I possibly can. Now with my monthly Birchbox subscription I have been introduced to some new products with a few becoming permanent staples in my makeup bag. Right now I wanted to share with you two products they made me a serious fan of.

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer

I don’t know why I haven’t made eyelash primer a priority before but from now on I will. Love this product! You can rock the primer by itself or use it as a base for any other mascara for a dramatic look. My lashes look longer, stay separated, and look longer. I have gotten some good compliments since I started using this and I can tell a difference between using it and not using which is a big indicator with beauty products. I will say it is a bit pricey but worth the investment.

primer$24.00 on Birchbox.com(link in picture)

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm

Lip color looks awful on me. I am not downplaying anything, I promise you any color lipstick makes me look more hot mess then hot. My sister and mom have tried to get me to keep giving it a try but I am okay with staying away from the lipstick life. I keep it pretty simple with my lips, any gloss or lip balm with no color is what I stick with. So when I got this sample in my Birchbox I almost didn’t even want to try it. I am glad I did because it does give my lips some color but not too much that I am annoyed by it. If your like me and want to add something more to your lips but keeping it subtle this may be the way you need to go.

lip balm

$14.00 on Birchbox.com(link in picture)

Both of these products are my new favorites and I will be ordering the full size options to keep the relationship going. If you have used these or have some products I need to try let me know! Have an epic weekend because Monday will be here way too soon.

Until Next Time,




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Small Space Improvements With Michelle

Hello! Long time no talk. Sorry for being M.I.A yet again I’ve had some things I’ve been dealing with, but I’ll be filling you in later when I can wrap my head around it all. I have now been living at my current apartment for 3 years, WHAT!, and I have hardly decorated a thing. Which is sad considering I only live in 475 square feet of space. I will be spending a little more time at home, and will finally start trying to make it more homey and more like an adult-like.

I am super fickle and can’t ever decide on anything. As soon as I think I like it, I want to change it immediately. Anyway I decided to start small. I started with my coffee table that I have had the same way for probably 3 years. Exhibit A:

A change is gonna come...
A change is gonna come…

I don’t exactly hate it, but I needed a change to help spruce it up a bit. I realized, I don’t even like looking at the red candles. I honestly don’t know why I bought them. I have many regrets, and folks those candles are one of them. So I decided to add some new items to compliment the items that I love, including the flowers, and the coasters my sisters gave me. Here is exhibit B:


Voila! A few simple changes and I am loving my new coffee table! Here are some deets:


I found this little cutie at Hobby Lobby and had to have it. It’s a candle holder and don’t worry I put one of those red candles I love SO much in it.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.
Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

I LOVE little plates like this. I have collected a few that I’ve placed around my apartment. They are such an easy addition to any space to add a little something! I found this at T.J. Maxx.

Make a Wish!
Make a Wish!

I HAD to have this when I saw it! It was another find at Hobby Lobby, and score it was 50% off!

Hidden treasures.
Hidden treasures.

Lastly, I found this little gem at T.J. Maxx in the clearance section. I love it! I put my coasters in it instead of having them all of my table even though I love looking at them!

Simple adjustments helped take it from a little drab, and outdated, to bold, and chic! I love it and my eye goes right to it when I walk in! Well on to the next one! What easy, and affordable tips do you have for decorating? Leave it in the comments!




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My Favorite Fitness Instagram Accounts!

My oh my….where did January go?  Same place where my resolutions went!  But it is never too late to get your focus back, so for all those people that make fitness resolutions and haven’t been inspired to really go for it, I am showing you some of my favorite fitness Instagram accounts.  I love looking at Instagram randomly throughout the day and at night when I should be trying to fall asleep.  I love it because it is quick.  Because who really has the time or the attention span to spend too much time stalking to find what they want.  Well I love seeing how creative people are getting with fitness and what they come up with for every situation.  There are quick workouts, strengthening workouts, partner workouts, cardio workouts, food ideas, and more.  Here are the 5 fitness accounts that I love to follow because they give creativity and have really formed a community that supports one another.

1. Tone It Up @toneitup- I mean, you already know.  I have done many posts about Karena and Katrina and I just love their style and I love in just the few short years that I have been following them, the amazing growth and innovation that I have witnessed.  These girls have their eye on the prize and are just so smart.  I love their workouts on their YouTube channel and their fitness plans are easy to follow.  They are a brand.  My goal is to make it to their retreat one year!

Tone It Up
Tone It Up

2.  Love Sweat Fitness @lovesweatfitness- So I may follow Katie because I want to see what amazing vacation she is going on next, but really she has a great story also and it just motivates you to know that you can too.  She has a cute clothing line and very smart workouts that you can do in little time and anywhere!

Love Sweat Fitness
Love Sweat Fitness

3.  Fit Girls Guide @fitgirlsguide- Is it weird that I don’t think I know what these girls look like?  Do we know what they look like?  I don’t and it doesn’t really matter.  Are they even women?  Well, they have such a following and I love how they lift up the ladies that have been following them.  They constantly post progress pics, recipes, and fun photos from their amazing community.

Fit Girls' Guide
Fit Girls’ Guide

4.  Fresh Fit n Healthy @freshfitnhealthy- This girl is adorable and she has a good story to tell.  She is always posting inspirational messages and wants to get across that happiness come from the inside and being healthy does not mean being skinny.  This chick is doing big things and she is a college student!  I cannot what to see what else she does in the future.

Fresh Fit n Healthy
Fresh Fit n Healthy

5.  Super Sister Fitness @supersisterfitness- I am still getting a feel for these ladies, Liz and Sara.  I love that they are sisters working together and I see their growth.  I love their inspirational posts and I love how they post about different foods and why they are healthy for you.  I need to give their workouts a try and I may need to try one of their challenges soon.

Super Sisters' Fitness
Super Sisters’ Fitness

I like following all of these accounts, because they each bring their own unique twist to fitness.  I am sure out of all of these there is something for everyone.  If I take a look at any of these during the day, I am more motivated to eat right and make sure that I get that workout in.  If I see one of these pages at night, I am ready to do better the next day by way of eating or working out.  If you need a little more push to make to fitness goals, try checking out one of these or all of these and follow.  They have amazing workouts, products, fitness challenges throughout the year, great websites, and email lists.  You cannot be mad at these women doing big things and bringing people together for a great support system.

One of my best friends, Jodi, is on her fitness come up, so I hope I can be writing about her Instagram in the near future!

Love life,


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Music, music, more music!! I am already thankful for Amazon Prime giving me new music every week and Itunes family share for letting me steal music from my sisters. Amazon has been impressing me lately with how fast they are getting new releases on Prime. With that said I would love to share with you all my new finds from this week.  I bring you my Amazon Prime Music Discovery Playlist volume 3.

New Discoveriesthe veronicas
Always(The Veronicas)- The Veronicas

Pretty lyrics over a good beat; you can confirm your love for someone and rock out at the same time. Heart this one!

katy perryLove Me(Prism)- Katy Perry

Katy gets it. It is super easy to let our insecurities rule our lives. This song says it all; we all just want to love ourselves and be loved.

amazonf'3am(Title)- Meghan Trainor

This whole cd is worth listening too.  This song is the one you should play late at night before drunk texting or actually it could be your drunk text soundtrack.

hilary duffLies(Breathe In, Breathe Out)-Hilary Duff

The whole cd has a bit of a techno feel but this song is a little more low key. New addition to my workout mix anything to get my fist pumping.

andra dayRearview(Cheers To The Fall)-Andra Day

I’ve posted about how much I love her life anthem Rise Up so I have a soft spot for her already. This song is another good one girl can sing.

switchfootWhen We Come Alive(Fading West)-Switchfoot

Chill anthem which is what their perfect at. Worth a listen and their documentary of the same name is worth watching too!

shawn mendesThis Is What It Takes(Handwritten)-Shawn Mendes

This kid knows how to write a song! Listen to the whole cd because there are several songs of his that made me hit replay.

sara bareillesShe Used To Be Mine(What’s Inside: Songs From A Waitress)-Sara Bareilles

Another pretty ballad from her to add to her arsenal. This is a good one for the sleep mix.


whitney houstonI Have Nothing(The Bodygaurd Soundtrack)-Whitney Houston

One of the best to ever do it. This is a song that will forever be played and replayed.


tracy chapman

Fast Car(Tracy Chapman)- Tracy Chapman

Classic song that will never get old. Love everything about this one and I am still awaiting the day I get to hear it during a campfire jam session.

Another playlist down that will hopefully add some new tunes to your jam sessions. I am always looking for new songs so if you have ones that are must listens please let me know. More, more I want more!

Until Next Time,


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